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Metaong Fitness takes pride in providing you with the unique experience of one on one personal training programs. At Metaong Fitness we specialize in the individual needs of the client, so we created a club where you will work with certified trainers, each highly qualified to guide you through the correct training techniques needed to help you reach your goals. Our programs not only motivate, but provide the discipline needed to create a healthy lifestyle.

Your first workout will consist of an overall heath appraisal, a computerized body fat and fitness evaluation and an orientation on the use of the finest high tech equipment. Your supervised training sessions wil not only include a complete cardiovascular and weight training workout, but will emphasize correct posture and alignment, warm up/cool down techniques and flexability instruction. The duration of each exercise session will be determined by your physical condition and ability.

Along with your training, Metaong Fitness offers a sensible nutritional program aimed at successful weight management to keep you trim and healthy, and to help you get faster results.

We also provide locker rooms, and shower facilities, beverages, food supplements and
Metaong line of clothing and accessories. Join Fitness with these diets too.

Join Metaong Fitness to discover the ultimate in
personal training and let us help you...

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